About Us

We are The Droors, a Doors tribute band with dedicated members from the Sheboygan, Milwaukee, and Madison areas of Wisconsin. We have built a reputation for giving The Doors' music great justice and for “deep cuts.” The Doors are a universally loved classic rock band and tribute bands for them are rare. We believe we have the best Morrison voice in the business! We have been playing in rock bands for the majority of our lives, many of us are in multiple bands. But, the one thing we have in common is a mutual love of The Doors.

We are capable of two or three sets, over three hours of pure Doors music through their entire volume of albums. We try to make our shows more of a musical experience with lights, fog, lasers, and psychedelic projections behind the band. No costumes, no cheese. We bring the band to life through our dedication to detail and great sound.